Another week of some great goodies in my mailbox.

Campbell’s Select Harvest – A free can of soup! And not just any can, because specially marked cans have $15 surveys on them. I already did my survey of course, but I did notice today at Kroger that my store still had cans with surveys on them. This is the first freebie I’ve received by requesting using text messaging on my cell phone. I do not encourage you to request free samples via text message unless your cell phone plan includes text messaging (i.e. you have a package plan and don’t pay for each and every text message). It took several text messages back and forth for me to enter my mailing address, and I only did it because I know I will not exceed my cell phone plan’s monthly allotment for texts. The offer is from ShopText. You send the text message “TLC” to 467467 and they will prompt you for your address to mail the coupon. They give you the option to receive future text messages, I said no, and have not received any additional messages from them. The promotion ends on Oct. 10 or when 50,000 requests have been made.

Kashi TLC Cookie – Yummy sample, you can still request one. Christina shared it with you here. Oh, how I wish they would have included a coupon in this sample!

Pssst – More coupons in the mail from Pssst (General Mills). I received a coupon for a FREE Pillsbury Thin Pizza Crust as well as ten $1 coupons to share with friends. This program is similar to two other word-of-mouth programs I’ve talked about before: VocalPoint and SheSpeaks. They send you coupons in the mail for you and your friends, and invite you to participate in surveys to share your opinions. It’s easy and I encourage everyone to join.

Planet Heroes
– We received “The Ace That Jumped Over the Moon” a 16-minute episode. It will make a great stocking stuffer. I shared is with you here.

Kotex Sample from Walgreens
– Another great Kotex sample, but this time with two coupons to Save $1.50 on any Kotex product. The coupons say “redeemable at Walgreens” but these are manufacturer’s coupons so you should be able to redeem them at any store (I hope). I’m going to try to use them at a different store and see if they will work. I did a Kotex Samples Roundup recently, and this one is on the list. Walgreens also has an Always Infinity sample (thanks Lea Ann!)

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub – A really cute bottle and generous sample size (no coupon). I shared it with you here.

Pull-Ups DVD – A second offer from Kroger for this potty training DVD, included a $2 coupon. No longer available from Kroger, but you can order directly from Huggies and Pampers here.

Free Magazines: American Baby, Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Ready Made. I tell you what the best resources for free magazines are here.

Enough about what’s in Freebies 4 Mom‘s mailbox, what was in your mailbox this week?