For all my frugal moms out there, here’s Freebie Friday to end your week off right! Yes, I love the frugal aspect of getting freebies, but I also think it’s just plain fun. My favorite freebie this week is for a free download of Barenaked Ladies children’s song from their new album called “Snacktime”. I can’t wait to listen to this song (oh, with my kids of course)!

Have you voted for It’s a great way to thank Amy for all her hard work! Amy has had a rough week, so please put a smile on her face and tell her that you’d love to try the Idiot Margaritas. Or that you’d love to see her demonstrate The Naughty Stitch. And guess what – she’s got another yummy recipe for you to try: Simple Oatmeal & Chocolate Chip Muffins. And please leave Amy a dazzling comment to tell her how much you love your new tripod. My tripod came in the mail, and yes it was totally and completely free – thanks to Amy! The freebies just keep getting better and better!