Enter the Subway Get Smart Eat Fresh sweepstakes daily for a chance to win one
thousands of prizes. Some of the more numerous prizes that you can win include a small bag of Flat Earth Chips (50,000 winners), Movie Tickets to “Get Smart” (30,000 winners), or $5 Subway Cards (3,500 winners). Be sure to read the “Official Rules” for all the details.

This is another sweeps that requires a code, but you can request 2 codes to be emailed to you each day. Updated tip on getting your secret codes by email! When you are asked to enter your secret code you need to click on “Get A Clue”. In the next window that opens you need to click on “*See Official Rules for free code and details” at the very bottom. Then a new window will pop-up (tip: I could not get the Official Rules to open for me anymore and heard others were having the same problem, then I tried using the Mozilla Firefox browser and it worked!), scroll down to item 4 a. and click on the large text that says HERE to request 2 codes by email. After you enter your code you need to click on the “Shoe Phone Control” to play the shoe spin game. You need to enter both codes and keep playing until the “Play Again” button disappears! You should get to play more than once per code – if you don’t use all your plays they save them and you can use them next time.

I won a bag of chips on my first try. I got my coupon by email and it is for a FREE 1.25 oz. bag of Flat Earth Veggie Crisps (can be redeemed for another Frito-Lay product if Flat Earth is not available) and it expires in 5 days. I’ll be back every day to see what else I can win! If you win the chips, you are still eligible to win another prize – the chips are like a consolation prize. If you win a different prize, then you are no longer eligible to win again. Tell me what you are winning!