My new Tuesday feature is “Giveaways 4 Mom” so I can share some wonderful giveaways with you on some fabulous blogs worth visiting. Thanks goes to Ann Marie for inspiring me to make this a regular feature, she wrote “Thank you for telling your readers about the personalized fruit roll-ups giveaway at MomAdvice. I was one of the three winners! I usually only visit MomAdvice on Freebie Fridays, but now I visit every day!” -Ann Marie

$25 Target Gift Card
hosted at MomAdvice
Ann Marie will be happy to hear that MomAdvice has another giveaway! Win a $25 gift card to Target, something that every mom could use! Enter by August 1 at 7 pm (EST).

The Creative Family
hosted at Simple Mom
Win a copy of the book The Creative Family by Amanda Soule and enjoy reading Simple Mom’s interview with the author! There will be 3 winners and the giveaway closes at midnight on August 1.

hosted at Saving for our family’s Dreams!
Win an envelope of coupons and share your tips for staying within budget on holiday spending. You have until Saturday morning to enter.

Sherbert Blossom’s Blogiversary Giveaway *starts August 1*
hosted at Sherbert Blossom Studio
A new giveaway every day – lots of great items from sponsors. You’ll have to go back to visit on August 1 when the giving away starts!

And don’t miss my own giveaway for a one-year subscription to Eliza Magazine – three of my readers will win it! You have until Wednesday evening (9 pm CST) to enter.

What will I be giving away next? More books from Penguin Young Readers starting July 31, because they haven’t given away quite enough books yet on my blog. And I love to help you inspire your kids to read more books!