Green Mama?? No, I’m not an alien! Just a mom who is trying to raise an environmentally friendly family on a tight budget. Heather has invited me to share some of my tips and tricks with her readers and I hope to also learn some from you.
This idea was a collaboration with my husband, a fellow ‘green’ person and very frugal himself. He was looking to decorate his office with some plants; he didn’t want to go buy some, he wanted to use the many packets of seeds we already had stashed away in a drawer. His dilemma was finding something to plant them in that would look professional in his office. I was cleaning out my cabinets and trying to figure out why I had so many baby bottle caps and just a few bottles. Somehow they always managed to fall out of the cabinet when I opened it and hit me on the head! There it was—a perfect solution! Add an Ikea shelf we had in the back of our closet and we created a no-cost recycled planter. My husband planted some peppermint seeds and I will post a photo when they sprout.
Extra bonus: putting the dirt and seeds into the bottle caps became a dad-son activity!