I’m taking a break from the freebies to tell you about a new product we tried recently, and to offer a giveaway. We had fun trying the new juice drink called Froose (rhymes with the Moose on the juice box). I didn’t think that you could get much healthier than the 100% fruit juice we usually drink, but now I know that you can with a juice drink sweetened with organic brown rice syrup. There are only 7 grams of sugar per 4.2 oz. serving in Froose, compare that with 14 grams of sugar in a 4.2 oz. serving of 100% apple juice (this is my own comparison, I got my calculator out to compare with the juice in our fridge). That’s half the sugar! And it’s got 3 grams of fiber in it!

My boys and I loved all of the flavors we tried: Cheerful Cherry, Playful Peach, and Perfect Pear. I will say that for kids who are picky, they may not even want to try this juice drink because it has a cloudy appearance and a thicker texture (think super smooth smoothie) than what they are used to. The trick is to get them to take that first sip, and if it’s in the box they can’t even see the color of it. We loved the taste and I could definitely tell that this drink is lower on the glycemic index than your typical juice drink (i.e. no sugar high). I thought it was cool to read that this product was invented by a mom, rather than some team at a major corporation. You can’t buy this product in stores yet, but you can order it directly on their website.

Thanks to Mom Central and Froose I was given the opportunity to try free samples of this product to review.

Tracy is the winner of this Giveaway! Tracy puts Dora shaped pasta in vegetable soup to inspire her kids to eat it! It was fun to read all the tips from everyone (but this was a random giveaway, the tips had no influence). I’ll be putting together a list and sharing a few of my favorites sometime soon. I am buying one of my lucky readers a sample pack of Froose (4 juice boxes each of Cheerful Cherry, Playful Peach, and Perfect Pear). To enter this giveaway, please email me on Wednesday and tell me what healthy trick do you have up your sleeve to get your kids to eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains? I’ll stop accepting entries at midnight (CST) on Wednesday, February 6. The winner will be selected at random and posted Thursday morning. Good luck!