Sorry, most of these are no longer available. The most popular topic on Freebies 4 Mom are the free samples that you can request and receive in your mailbox. So here’s a roundup of the hottest free samples. Browse the list and ask for the samples you want to get in your mailbox!

Please read my Be a Smarter Freebie Finderbecause I want you to learn how to question every free sample offer you see. I try to find the best free samples available from major retailers and companies. These free samples typically have a high-success rate, meaning most people who request them will actually get them in their mailbox.

1. Chocolate Turtle Chex Mix
Just sign-up for the Betty Crocker emails and Betty Crocker will send you a sample!

2. Orville Redenbacher’s Natural Gourmet Popcorn
Look at the list of Kroger-owned grocery stores, and request this sample from your store.

3. Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal
Walmart is the best source of free samples, and they want to mail you this Crest sample. See what else that Walmart wants to mail you by checking out the Walmart Free Samples page.

4. Free Photo Valentines Cards from Stories by Everyone
It’s true that they want to mail you 6 free custom photo cards that you design. You don’t even have to pay for shipping, and I’ve written detailed click-by-click instructions to help you navigate this photo site for the first time.

5. Quaker True Delights
A decadent new granola bar, wouldn’t you love to try it for free?

6. Freebies 4 Pets
Check out my list of free samples and high-value coupons for your pets.

7. P&G; Samples
Want to get Head & Shoulders, Tide, or Olay in your mailbox? Request these samples from P&G.;

8. Gerber Spoon and $3 Coupon
Get a spoon and a printable coupon for $3 off any Gerber baby or toddler food.

9. Baby Feeding Resources
Formula and bottle samples you can get in the mail, plus money-saving resources for any mom.

10. Cascade Rinse Aid
Request this coupon book from Home Made Simple and it will include a coupon to redeem for a free full-size bottle of Cascade Rinse Aid.

Enjoy your free samples!

Find more free samples for your mailbox by exploring my Freebies.
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