Donna just asked me this question and I was hoping to get your help in answering it:

I’m new at coupons and am wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a post that explains how to save the most $$ . . . Am enjoying the coupons, but don’t know how to use them to best maximize my savings!” -Donna
This is a big question, so I wanted to offer some brief advice of my own and I encourage you to follow-up in the comments with your own tips.
Saving money by using coupons is all about matching up the store sales with coupons and rebates. If you are going to make one blog visit for a list of current sales and the coupons you need to get the best deals, BeCentsAble is it. They host a huge gathering of grocery store deals and you are likely to find your grocery store on the list. Don’t be overwhelmed, just focus on your grocery store and learn as much as you can about that store.
What websites or blogs do you think are the most useful for those new to couponing? Do you have a couponing tip to share with someone who is new to using coupons?