1 Registered Starbucks Card + Friday or Saturday Starbucks Visit = Free Vivanno Blends (with 1 informed scoop provided by Money Saving Mom)

I can’t say I’ll be taking advantage of this promotion since I do not have a registered Starbucks card and I rarely visit Starbucks. It seems like Starbucks is on a mission to fill our wallets with their gift cards to use on ourselves instead of giving them. Why? Because a lot of gift cards are never redeemed and people tend to spend gift cards more freely than if they were spending cash. But if you can keep track of those cards and use them wisely then this is a great offer!

It seems like once in awhile I get free Starbucks gift cards (the USPS sent me one a few months ago as part of a small business promotion) – so next time I get one I’ll hang onto it so I can also join the “Registered Starbucks Card Holder” club and take advantage of future promotions like this one.

Update: My readers are so awesome! Amy told me I can pick up a gift card and register it without even loading it? It sounded like it would work so I tried it and it didn’t work. You have to load your card with a minimum of $5 in order to register it online. You’ve got to read Penny’s fabulous idea of giving yourself a “coffee budget” by loading your Starbucks card with a set amount of money each month. A great idea if you find yourself at Starbucks way too much and your coffee splurges are adding up. Thanks so much for all of your comments, your input makes this blog so much better.

Tell me if you get your free Vivanno Blend drink today or tomorrow! What did you think of it?