This is a guest post from Wendy at Sweeties Sweeps. Wendy is the expert on sweepstakes and my best resource for compiling my list of “Sweeps 4 Mom“. But sometimes I help her too, like the $5,000 I helped her and one of my readers win just by telling them about a new sweeps at the right time.

Sweeties SweepstakesHeather posts the most winnable sweepstakes and instant win games on Freebies 4 Mom. Even by playing these winnable sweeps you still may not be winning like you would like. Here are some things to do when you aren’t winning.

Don’t Stop Entering

Many people give up before they see good results. If you give up then that prize you could have won will go to someone else.

Play Instant Win Games

Play instant win games because it can keep you motivated until something shows up at your door. You will usually be notified immediately on the screen if you are a winner. Of course, the prize won’t get delivered immediately but you can record that as a win. Instant win games or IWG usually have good odds and many offer thousands of prizes per game so a lot of people have a chance of winning a prize.

Enter Sweepstakes and IWG

Don’t just enter Instant Win Games. While they do offer the best chance of winning something instantly there are so many more opportunities if you also enter sweepstakes. A sweepstakes is a waiting game because you have to wait to be notified once it is over and the drawing has taken place. Use IWG at the same time to keep you motivated.

Find a Sweeps Buddy

Find a sweepstakes buddy who is also interested in winning prizes so you can keep each other motivated. Many times your local friends and maybe even family members wont understand why you are entering in the first place. On my site there are lots of people who are playing to win and we keep each other motivated in the chatroom. There is always someone in there to talk to.

Don’t Just Play the Winnables

With literally thousands of sweepstakes and instant win games out there to play, you will only find a handful that are super winnable. The winnables are the ones with thousands of prizes, a short end date, or maybe they are restricted to certain ages or locations. Everything else you play might only have a few prizes, long end date, or be open to the entire country but you can still win from them. I have won many prizes from sweepstakes that only offered 1 prize.

The more time you spend entering the more you will win. I don’t feel like it is about luck. I feel that it is about how much work you are willing to put into it. Of course, if you have limited time then just enter the winnable sweepstakes and instant win games but if you can spend more time enter everything you are interested in.

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