The following is a guest post from Christina at Northern Cheapskate who helps you “nurture your frugal nature”.

A friend of mine recently asked me if I’d read a particular book she was reading for her book club. I started to laugh because the book was 800 pages long. The last time I had a chance to read anything was a magazine article when I locked myself in the bathroom!

But now there’s a great solution for those who want to do some pleasure reading but are crunched for time: DailyLit.

DailyLit sends you short sections of a book to read to you via e-mail or a feed reader. You can even have the installments sent to your iPhone or Blackberry. Each daily installment takes about 5 minutes to read. If you have more time, you can get additional installments on demand.

DailyLithas more than 1,000 titles that are free to read. Other books are offered on a pay-per-installment basis. You get the first installment of these books for free, so that you can try it out before you buy it.

All you have to do is find a book you like to read, enter your e-mail address, and hit subscribe! You can even pick your schedule of updates.

If you’re really busy, and don’t have time for even a short e-mail, you can also check out this list offabulous audio freebies.

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