Sign-up for free eNews from Ideal Bite. I’ve been enjoying getting their bite-sized emails with tips for green living and have even gotten some inspiration from them! You can sign-up for a daily tip, “Mama” tips or a city-specific edition and it’s easy to unsubscribe at any time.

I’ve found these daily (5 days a week) emails from Ideal Bite easy to digest because they are focused on one tip per email. I simply read the two or three sentence “The Bite” and then decide if I want to read further. A lot of other eNews that I subscribe to are simply overwhelming because they cram too much information into them. Ideal Bite is different, and it’s a good frugal living resource for me.

I also like that Ideal Bite is light on advertising – they advertise their own giveaways and products like Clorox Green Works. Well, I can’t mention Clorox Green Works without sharing this review I wrote.

Even if you have no interest in subscribing to their eNews, check out the Ideal Bite Tip Library for some great articles. They have a large collection of tips since they started in 2005.

My favorite category is “FREE: Ideas for simple changes that won’t cost you a dime” – are you surprised? It’s a long list so I’ll have to work my way through it one bite at a time!

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