Trisha has started a brand new organization for moms called 24/7 Moms with the purpose to “inspire, equip, and connect” with other moms. I’m sharing this resource with you because I am helping Trisha bring some freebies to the moms who sign-up for her monthly newsletter. A website is coming soon, but meanwhile you will enjoy the following features:

24/7 Moms Blog
Trisha has some great weekly features including: Let’s Make a Meal Mondays, Time Saver Time Waster Thursdays, My Friday Favorites. She also blogs about fun stuff for moms, like what’s your “purse-onality”? Trisha also offers great giveaways, like books for moms to review.

24/7 Moms Yahoo Group
Trisha is leading a Yahoo Group where moms can connect with other moms about all kinds of topics!

I invite you to check out 24/7 Moms and I will announce their website launch soon!