I need to introduce Angie to you because she has had the biggest positive influence on me and my blog. Angie writes not one, but two blogs – and she created a forum focused on exchanging free stuff. Angie’s Baby Cheapskate was the first blog that I ever read – heck, I started reading it before I even knew what in the world a blog was! Now for the truly amazing mentor stunt – Angie helped me build my readership before I even created Freebies 4 Mom by sharing my weekly email with her readers (did she know I would be starting a blog soon?). Now she helps me with all things blog-related, ok she doesn’t just help me but all bloggers who read her newest blog calledBlogCoach. Here’s more about Angie and her three “babies”:

Launched in 2005, BabyCheapskate.com helps you save big bucks on baby stuff. Baby Cheapskate is updated several times a day, seven days a week with the best baby, kid and maternity bargains Angie can find as well as shopping tips and frugal parenting strategies. Parents magazine sums up the Baby Cheapskate mission: “One minute on [Baby Cheapskate] can save you hours of shopping around– and lots of cash!” Visit Top Diaper and Formula Deals of the Week if either of these items is on your shopping list. Plus this is a great place to get a round-up of what’s happening on Baby Cheapskate each week.

In an effort to help parents save even more money, Angie launched Freepeats.org, an online forum which allows parents to pick up gently-used baby, kid, and maternity items for free from nearby parents who have finished with them. Freepeats is open in 39 cities across the country and has more than 11,000 members. Sign-up during January and Lifetime Membership only costs you $1.00!

Angie also blogs at BlogCoach.org, a community of writers, publishers, designers, and dreamers who grow their blogs not only through sharing ideas but also through creating relationships that will last throughout blogging careers and into whatever lies over the horizon. This is a great place for new bloggers to get help.

Go ahead, say hello to Angie at one of her sites and tell her that I sent you!

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