Where can you meet local moms and connect with them about challenges, triumphs, resources, and more? MomsLikeMe.com is a new website forum that just launched this month in over 70 citie. This website is specifically designed to help moms connect with each other. When I asked Mary Ann, a manager of MomsLikeMe, about what was the most valuable aspect of this new website, she said “its resourcefulness: You can not only discuss important issues, but you can join and create groups, make them public or private, and post and share photos. The site also has a video component–right now you can watch news but soon our visitors will be able to post their own videos. We’ll be adding more functions as we go along!”

How easy is it to participate in the local discussions? Click on your City first. It took me less than a minute to register on the Houston forum (I’m “Freebies4Mom”). Then I went to “Mom to Mom” to browse the discussions and post my own new topic.

Mary Ann is looking for some moms to help, she said “we are looking for Site Ambassadors in Houston, Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham! If one of your readers would like to become a site ambassador, just drop me an e-mail: mbarton1@gannett.com; site ambassadors will be very important to us and you’ll be treated like a queen!”