I know it’s not just me! I know lots of my readers have got to feel the same way! A little impatient? A little excited? What will you get today in the mail? If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far in my hobby as a freebie-hunter, it’s that I will be surprised on most days by something I get in the mail. Yes, I requested most of the free samples, coupons, and other goodies I get – but no, I have no idea when I’ll actually receive them! So, I get a little excited as nap time draws to a close and my little boys and I take our daily walk to the mailbox. My 3-year old is excited too, because he knows that every box is a “present” that he gets to help open. I hope you are enjoying your “presents” in the mail as well! What did you get today?

Here’s what Andrea got this week – and she was lovely to send me the above photo as well!
“This has been a great week for Freebies in the mail. I have received 16 Freebies! I attached a photo for you to see. I am not sure why I received 2 pairs of undies from Hanes and also 2 good night pull-ups from Wal-mart. Without your hard work and your blog, I would not have received all these wonderful Freebies! Thank you so much for all you do!”
Thanks for sharing, Andrea! Feel free to post a comment and tell us what you got in the mail today?