Sorry, these are no longer available. I had to laugh when I found out that you can get a free sample of Sensodyne toothpaste from Walmart. Wow, we’ll be getting lots of free toothpaste in the mail!

And you can also get a free sample of Emergen-C Pink Lemonade. I had no idea what this product even was – it’s a Vitamin C supplement that you “drink” and it’s got lots of other vitamins in it too. You can also get a free sample of Emergen-C on their website, just click on the “Share the Good” bubble (thanks, Anissa!). Oh, and don’t forget to brush your teeth with your free toothpaste after drinking! (phew, I just barely tied those two together for this post).
Update 5/25/08: I got my Sensodyne toothpaste in the mail! Just waiting on the Emergen-C from Walmart.