Do you shop at Kroger and live in the Southeast? Now you can load coupons on your Kroger Plus Card using Cellfire. It looks like the coupons overlap a bit with the eCoupons on Shortcuts and P&G; eSaver, but there are some new coupons too. Remember when I told you about Cellfire here? Well, as I predicted they are expanding this cellphone coupon program. Unfortunately these coupons are not available at Kroger stores in Texas yet, but I’m guessing they will soon expand the program. If you live in the SE and try out this new coupon program, let me know how it works for you!

No matter where you live, don’t forget to load new eCoupons onto your Kroger Plus Card from:
P&G; eSaver

The Gobble Blog just emailed me about the Kroger Deals this week, it sounds like you can pick up a Private Selection Organic product for FREE if you can find one priced at $1.00 or less.

Guess what? The Unilever eCoupons program has ended. Maybe it will come back?