When I see coupons for individual energy bars I take them to the store to see if I can get a good deal. I like to keep a few in the pantry for those times when things don’t go as planned, we are running out the door and I need to grab a snack or didn’t have time for breakfast. Often these bars can be found on sale for right at $1 and if you’ve got a store that doubles coupons then often you can buy them for free. But even if your store doesn’t double coupons, you can usually find half-off deals.

Here are two printable coupons for individual bars that can be found in the Natural Foods section of many stores:

Larabar Save $0.40 on one
Print two coupons – sold at many stores, I saw them at Kroger. Family Musings found them at Publix on clearance for $1 each.

PURE Bar Save $0.50 on one
Print two “bricks” coupons after registering, find store locations here – two of the stores that sell them are HEB and Trader Joe’s. Thanks goes to Common Sense with Money for the coupon!

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