We all want to use less ink and paper while printing out are valuable money-saving coupons! So here are my tips on how to save ink and paper:

1. Set Your Printer to “Black Ink Only”
You don’t always know when a coupon print will also trigger a large color and you definitely don’t want to waste your ink printing that ad out! Most stores that accept printable coupons will accept coupons in black ink only because the security measures for printable coupons still work for coupons printed without color ink.

2. Set Your Printer to “Draft Quality Print Mode”
The quality of the coupons you print only needs to be good enough to read the text on the coupon and for the barcode to be scannable.

3. Reuse Paper and Print on Both Sides
This takes some time and attention to do successfully because you need to be able to cut out your coupons from the paper. You don’t always know where on the paper the coupon will print – sometimes the top, sometimes the bottom – sometimes it’s even the whole piece of paper!

4. Request Coupons by Mail
Did you know that for many printable coupons hosted by Coupons, Inc. that they also give you the option to request those same coupons by mail? You can usually print two coupons and when you request those coupons by mail you simply need to fill out the form twice to receive two coupons. You should receive two separate envelopes if you request two coupons.

What do you do to use less ink and paper when printing coupons?

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