Instant Win Daily Entry Sweepstakes
Over 100 Winners a Day:
Mars Hunt for Yellow
41,000+ prizes mostly candy, details here
Pace Hand-Pick & Win
120,000+ prizes of free salsa with printable coupon, details here
My Coke Under The Cap
34,000+ prizes for $20 gift cards, play twice daily, details here
Subway 3 Point Play
11,000+ prizes mostly $5 Subway gift card, details here

Over 10 Winners a Day:
Animal Planet Sweep Me Off to San Fransisco
2,900+ prizes, Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair, details here (Thanks to DeAnn)
Zagat’s The Perfect 30 Giveaway
10,000+ prizes, lots of 1 month subscriptions to Zagat, details here
Long John Silver’s Beach Ready
1,100+ prizes mostly $10 vouchers, details here
The Maids
2,100+ prizes, mostly magazine subscriptions, details here
Bake It To Believe It
1,100+ prizes, lots of baking stuff, details here
Combos Ultimate Man Zone
2,500+ prizes, mostly bags of Combos, details here

If you play the sweeps with me I want you to get the biggest bang for your time! That’s why I’ve changed my criteria slightly and am now listing my sweeps in order of approximate winners per day. A few sweeps dropped off my list, because I felt they were just too hard to win (they had less than 10 winners a day). If you only have time to play one or two sweeps a day, then I want you to play the ones that are near the top of the list, with prizes that you would love to win!

I’ve added two new sweeps to my list. The Animal Planet Sweep Me Off to San Fransisco has a lot of Pledge Fabric Sweepers for Pet Hair (ARV $4.60) to win. Thanks goes to DeAnn for telling me about it! The Bake It to Believe It is a great new one that Sweeties Sweeps told me about, where you can play 7 times a day (more if you refer friends) and they have lots of nice baking prizes. You do need to have Adobe Flash Player in order to view the website. Remember that if you ever have questions about the sweeps, you can click on the “details here” link for more information or you can leave a comment on this post.

I’m having so much fun hearing about what you’re winning, so keep on playing! Did you hear how I helped 2 Readers Win $5,000? Amazing and wonderful! Wondering about paying taxes on sweepstakes prize wins? Sweeties Sweeps has a great article about Taxes on Prize Winnings. I recommend that everyone read it!

What did you win recently?

My readers are my best source of information about new sweepstakes. Please email me if you find a new sweeps, I typically list those with at least 1,000 winners.

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