This week’s challenge on Minimizing Monday at Handprints on the Wall is Coloring Supplies. A small project for many of us, but what a great time to focus on this one area of our house that may need decluttering. And I have to say I’m excited to try that recipe for Crayon Muffins!

Fighting Clutter Chaos
When I look around and see too many things that need to be put away, I start to ask myself why I have all these things in the first place. When my space is cluttered, my mind feels cluttered and I can’t spend time on the things I want to do. I have to manage the clutter first. I encourage you not to be overwhelmed and to unclutter one area at a time. I find that my biggest obstacle to maintaining an organized household is making time to focus on small areas in my house each day. It’s the little stuff we do that adds up to organizational bliss or clutter chaos.

How did you do last week on cleaning out your jewelry box? I got a good start on this assignment, but then preparing for the start of school and preparing for a possible hurricane derailed my progress. I’ll be working on finishing it this week as well as focusing on not just my coloring supplies, but all the art & craft supplies that I keep in my pantry.

Please share with us what part of your house you are working on decluttering and offer any tips you have on making the task easier.