Today I went to the movie theater and watched a movie by myself. This is the first time I’ve been to a movie by myself since becoming a mom, and it was a real treat. It took receiving a free movie ticket (that expires tomorrow) in the mail from a new movie theater that was just built about 5 minutes from our house to get me to make the date with myself. I showed up without knowing the movie schedule, and just picked the movie I wanted to see that started right at the time I arrived. I brought along some chewing gum so I wouldn’t be tempted by any of the overpriced concessions. Two hours later and I was back at home – it was a great little getaway and I hope to do it again soon. I wanted to encourage you to make you own “Mommy’s Movie Time” and go out to the movies by yourself!

I went right after my youngest went down for his nap, leaving my hubby in-charge of my oldest son with the hope he would also take a nap a little later. I returned home to both of my boys napping away, and me a much happier mom for getting a little time by myself. The best part about going to the movies by myself was that I got to pick the movie I wanted to see and pick where I wanted to sit. I loved watching the Get Smart TV series when I was a kid, so that’s the movie I picked. I enjoyed it, but to tell you the truth I would have enjoyed watching any movie because I was so excited about my time alone.

The Subway sweeps has ended, but I assure you I have my eyes peeled for more like it! If you’ve recently won a free movie ticket on any of the sweeps I’ve shared with you – don’t hesitate to use it for yourself to have some “Mommy’s Movie Time”! And if you would like a chance to win a movie ticket, then keep entering daily the Subway Get Smart, Eat Fresh instant win game. There are 30,000 movie ticket winners – I’ve won one and so can you! Of course I’ll be on the lookout for more sweeps with lots of winners – maybe even some movie ticket winners – and I’ll tell you about them on Freebies 4 Mom.