Bloggers can be affiliates for freebies! Shortly after I began blogging I learned that you can be an affiliate for and other retailers. By referring customers to those online stores you get a percentage of the purchases made through those links. Read more about affiliate programs at BlogCoach. I knew that these types of sales-based affiliate programs would probably not work for monetizing my blog since my focus is on how to get things for free instead of buying them.

Then one day (after over 6 months of blogging) I got an email from Logical Media telling me that some of the free samples I was blogging about were ones that I could be getting paid for with each sign-up through my links. I was pleasantly surprised and this began my journey as an affiliate for freebies.

Did you know that you can be an affiliate for free samples, coupons, enewsletters and sweepstakes? When you help spread the word about specific campaigns you get paid for each person that signs-up or prints. Each campaign has different criteria to determine how much you get paid for each successful sign-up (also called a conversion). I participate in a small percentage of the campaigns because I am particular about what types of free samples, coupons, enewsletters and sweepstakes I want to link to from my blog. Each blog has a different audience, and you need to decide which affiliate offers your readers would be most interested in. Here is an example of some affiliate offers:

I would love to refer you to some affiliate programs so that you can investigate if this is a way to monetize your blog. Here are my referral links for affiliate programs I use, with my favorites listed first:

Here are a few more affiliate programs you may want to try:
more affiliate programs listed at BlogCoach

You do need to apply to these affiliate programs, and they each have different criteria for accepting new affiliates. My advice to you is not to be discouraged if you are at first not accepted. Wait a few months for your traffic to grow or your site to develop and then apply again. Don’t give up because the criteria for accepting new members is constantly changing.

Please share what affiliate programs you are using on your blog in the comments. Have a question about affiliate programs? This is the place to ask it to get a response from me and other bloggers.