Most bloggers are always looking for new readers. Yes, money plays a factor since most ads displayed on blogs pay more when you have more readers. But more importantly bloggers thrive on interaction with their readers. Readers supply a sounding board, new ideas, tips, and feedback. Readers make blogging firmly rooted in the reality of what is happening today. So, how do you find new readers without paying for advertising? My list will link to other bloggers who have introduced me to new things that have helped me and others gain new readers.

1. Project Wonderful – I’m earning money by displaying this ad space at the bottom of my left column. Now I have a nice advertising budget built up for myself. I’m receiving some great ads from bloggers, Etsy shop owners, and small businesses. Yes, I did have to invest a small amount of money to get started, but that’s because when I learned about it I placed an ad on BlogCoach before I had set-up adspace for my blog. I’ll be using the money I’ve earned to fund advertising on some new blogs. If you add Project Wonderful ads to your blog, be sure to tell Angie at BlogCoach because that’s where I’ll be heading to find new blogs to advertise on. This is a great way to fund some advertising for your blog.

2. EntreCard – You earn advertising spots simply by visiting other blogs and “dropping your EntreCard”. It’s something I tried but had to abandon because of technical problems the my blog had with it. EntreCard may be even more appealing to you since the money exchanged is always virtual (and not real).

3. Twitter – This is the only social networking tool that I can find time for. It offers quick networking and immediate feedback. Amy did a wonderful job of introducing me and other bloggers to Twitter. Just how effective is it at helping you gain new readers? Look here, see my name in spot #1 and Twitter in spot #2 for top referrers. Wow!!! And here are Amy’s Ten Useful Tools for Twitter Users.

4. Pass Out your Blog Card – An old-fashioned method that I recently deployed to help me spread the word during the one day of the year when I have the most moms visiting my door – Halloween. Of course you can always be passing our your blog card all year long. Ask your readers if they want you to mail you a few for their playgroup or next mom group meeting. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the response you receive.

5. Getting Press for your Blog – Yes, it is true that I got lucky and gained a spot on national TV when I wasn’t even really seeking the opportunity. I got that opportunity because I have a blog, and because I responded quickly to a request for a phone interview. I don’t recommend being like me and just sitting around waiting for an opportunity. Frugal is hot right now and newspapers, magazines, and television programs are seeking out frugal bloggers like never before to help them build stories of interest to the general public.

6. More Ideas on Gaining a Readership – I am constantly pointing bloggers to this post by Amy at MomAdvice. It’s a great list of things you can do to grow your readership. Remember that you need to try new things to reach new readers.

It all takes time, but it is so rewarding to gain new readers for your blog.

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