It’s time for a roundup and for me to ask you what topics you are interested in learning more about in my “Money 4 Mom” series. Your questions will allow me to line-up some future posts for this weekly series about blogging as a potential source of income.

If you are new to reading my blog, here are the topics I’ve written about in the past:

Penny by Penny – The kick-off to the “Money 4 Mom” series and discussion about how blogging is a slow way to earn money, so you better be passionate about what you write about.

Free Blogging – The biggest freebie in my life is Blogger because it enabled me to have this blog hosted for free.

Google Ads – A few tips based on what I’ve learned about Google Ads, also I share a blogging tip with you; how to get your hyperlinks to open in a new window.

Be an Affiliate for Freebies
– Did you know you can earn money by showing affiliate ads on your blog for free samples and free offers?

BlogHer – Why I love my ad network, and how you can utilize BlogHer’s resources even if you don’t belong to their ad network. Speaking of BlogHer, I want to hear from my blogging readers who have recently been accepted! Let me know and I’ll email you a few tips based on what I’ve learned.

– An excellent guest post by Northern Cheapskate about yet another way you can make money on your blog.

Your Blog is Your Small Business
– Resources to help you treat your blog as your business, because that’s what it is if you are making any money!

Invest in Yourself
– Your blog is you and you are your blog, why investing in yourself should be a top priority.

Google Alerts – The easiest way for bloggers to stay on top of who is blogging about them, and who may be copying them.

Feel free to ask me a question, or suggest a future topic by leaving a comment for me here.

The “Money 4 Mom” weekly series focuses on blogging as a potential source of income. It’s where I share tips and resources with bloggers every Monday.