It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to say that you are your own boss, but being self-employed brings a lot of new responsibilities with it. If you make any money on your blog from affiliate programs or advertisements (like Google or BlogHer), then you should treat your blog as your small business. This is my first year of being self-employed, so I have a lot to learn.

Here are some resources that I’m excited about because they are helping me as I learn about being self-employed and growing my blog as my small business. Note: I’m updating this list of resources throughout today as I get new tips from bloggers!

HP – I signed-up for the HP newsletters for small businesses and what a pleasant surprise that they just offered me a $50 credit to use for Google AdWords. I was able to create my own Google ad for my blog and get to try out this form of advertising for free (ok, I did have to pay a small activation fee as a new user but it was worth it!). They also have tons of free online courses, mainly focusing on using their software but it’s worth checking the list for something useful for you.

ebiz Tax Tips – A website and blog that focuses specifically on internet-based businesses. Visit the blog and you can request a free eBook “5 Tax Saving Tips for ebiz Owners” Of course there are also eBooks you can buy here, but I’m starting with the free info first.

Self-Employment Taxes – BlogCoach talks about taxes, a must-read for every blogger who makes money from their blog!

A Blog about Taxes – June Walker’s blog is all about taxes for the self-employed. Looks like there is a wealth of information here. Thanks for sharing this resource Goo Goo Buy Buy!

Spreadsheets from Mrs. Micah – Track your income and deductions with these free spreadsheets on this personal finance blog for the freelancer. Thanks to Sense to Save for sharing the link!

270+ Tools for Running a Business Online – Don’t be overwhelmed, just view this lengthy list found at Mashable as a resource to go to when you feel like discovering something new to help you. It is divided into some major categories. Thanks to BlogCoach for the link!

Now is your chance to share some resources with me! I’d especially love to hear from some more experienced bloggers who have gone through the process of filing taxes before. But I also want to hear about what free resources and free online classes you are taking advantage.

The “Money 4 Mom” weekly series focuses on blogging as a potential source of income. You’ll find the complete list of posts here.