Get Instant Cash Rebates from Ibotta

IbottaSign-up for Ibotta to earn cash rebates on products you’re already buying at Target, Walmart, Kroger, and tons of other retailers. Ibotta is so easy to use, just snap a photo of your receipt with a qualifying purchase on it. You’ll receive your cash almost instantly via PayPal. I browse Ibotta during every grocery shopping trip to see which products on my […]

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Ebates $5 Sign-Up Bonus: 2 Steps to Ebates

New Ebates members get a $5 sign-up bonus at Ebates. If you do any online shopping, then I want you to be getting cash back through Ebates! Plus I’m encouraging my readers to sign-up for Ebates this week because I’m hosting a special giveaway starting Monday ($600 gift card) that only Ebates members can enter. Watch for this new giveaway to be […]
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Ebates = Coupons + Rebates

You do get the best of both types of savings (coupons + rebates) withEbates. Jan emailed me and I found myself nodding my head along with her because guess what?  I heard about Ebates long before I joined – and then felt like kicking myself for not doing my online shopping through Ebates sooner (just […]
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Money 4 Mom: Paid Surveys

Want to get paid for taking surveys? I don’t personally take surveys for money just because of my own time constraints – but my fellow blogger Nicole’s Nickels does find that it’s worth her time and she wrote this guest post.

I have been doing online surveys for a year and a half now and enjoy the additional income […]

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Yes, You Can Make Money on eBay

Don’t be intimidated by eBay, because it’s very easy to get started selling some things you already have laying around your house. My sister just started selling on eBay and she inspired me to contact Suzanne about writing a guest post for my blog. A great way to get started is by reading this free guide – written by a mom especially for other moms: Stay-At-Home Mom’s Guide to Successful eBay Selling. It’s a free […]

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Make Money from University Studies

I didn’t realize that it’s so easy to participate in studies at Universities that you don’t even live near! And that they will pay you money (usually in the form of gift cards)?!? I just had to add this link to my Money 4 Mom series to help my readers who are looking for ways to make some extra money. You’ll find more useful resources in my Money 4 Mom […]

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