You do get the best of both types of savings (coupons + rebates) withEbates. Jan emailed me and I found myself nodding my head along with her because guess what?  I heard about Ebates long before I joined – and then felt like kicking myself for not doing my online shopping through Ebates sooner (just like Jan).  I thought it would be good to point out that you can use both coupon codes and get cash back rebates when you use Ebates!

Jan said:  “I just wanted to tell you that your advice finally sunk in with me :)  I am big on online shopping, and I did sign up with Ebates, but never really bothered to “research” via Ebates every time I made an online purchase.  Honestly I thought that I could use coupon codes for discounts immediately, rather than waiting on an Ebates check…. didn’t think I could use both since most websites don’t let you stack ‘deals’ – but this is SO different!  With Ebates you CAN have it ALL!   I could kick myself for all the cash back I’ve missed out on over the years – virtually every single store I’ve shopped from qualifies for Ebates.”I don’t want you to kick yourself, but I do want you to be a smart shopper and learn how to use coupon codes and rebates (like Ebates).  I’m here to help you, and learn how you are saving money so please leave a comment!