Diaper cakes are a fun and beautiful way to present the practical gift of diapers to an expecting or new mom. I made this diaper cake for under $10. Inspired by Amy’s diaper cake that I shared with you during Craft Week here, I wanted to make my own as a gift for my friend Lisa and her new baby boy. It was definitely easier to make than I thought, and I was able to gather all of the supplies I needed for just under $10. I found that the key to making a diaper cake is to have several different sizes of rubber bands. My diaper cake came out a bit uneven looking because I didn’t have the large rubber bands I needed – I also made the mistake of using brightly colored rubber bands which are just harder to hide with the ribbon.
How did I make this diaper cake for under $10? I took advantage of the Huggies diaper deal at Kroger to buy two packages of newborn diapers. I picked up the ribbon at Walmart. I used free baby samples I had collected to hide as small gifts inside the diaper cake. I wrapped up an old memo board to use as a base. I used craft supplies I had on hand to make a gift tag. Amy’s got instructions and more frugal diaper cake suggestions here.
Have you ever made or received a diaper cake? What other types of “gift cakes” have you seen or made? I’ve also heard of doing something similar with towels.