First, this is not a deal for you to try because I used a special “one-time-use, for-me-only” coupon code. This is an example of how I am using Ebates and coupon codes to make purchases online at deep discounts. I will share exactly what I bought and what coupon codes I used, but you may not be able to replicate this exact deal. My purpose is to teach you how to use Ebates and coupon codes to get the best discounts on your online purchases.

I wanted to add a new sweater to my winter wardrobe. I had previously taken advantage of this deal that The Bargain Shopper Lady told me about and I’m loving my two new sweaters and wanted another one. I just bought a sweater at Victoria’s Secret that will cost me nothing after I receive my cash rebate from Ebates. Here’s how I did it:

1. Signed-in to Ebates. If you are new to signing-up, please tell them that I referred you!

New members (and some existing members) get a $10 cash back bonus on any $10 purchase they make through Ebates. I’m an existing member who qualifies to make a $10 purchase to get $10 back. (Please note that not all existing members get the $10 cash back, Check your account by looking under “Promotions” for the “$10 Holiday Bonus”. Again, this deal is a special one for me that I’m using as an example.)

2. Went to I got to it by finding the store on the Ebates website and clicking on it.

3. Selected a Cotton Rib V-Neck Sweater on sale for $19 to place in my shopping bag.

4. Entered three coupon codes in this order. I got 2 codes from The other code was emailed to me from Victoria’s Secret and was for my use only.

GET30 – gives me 30% off any one item
GET10 – a unique one-time offer I got by email because of a previous purchase I made*
SCENT08 – a free fragrance gift set with any sweater purchase

* There is another code you could use to get $10 off but it is only if you are using your Angel card to make the purchase FA810189 (expires 11/30)

5. I was charged $10.88 (includes shipping and tax).

6. I’m getting $10 + 4% back from EBates.

I just bought a free sweater and fragrance gift set after I get my rebate check from Ebates. Now is when I remind you that I don’t encourage you to use a credit card to make any online purchases unless you already have the cash for the purchase in your hands and you have the room in your budget for the purchase. Obviously I’ll have to wait awhile to get my cash back for this purchase since Ebates only mails those rebate checks four times a year. But I do have $10 in my budget right now for a sweater purchase. Now I’m set for winter and I’ll be cozy and warm in my new sweater!

I hope you learned something and I’ll try to share more of my own shopping deals with you as examples of how I’m saving money and you can save money too.

I file all offers that require a purchase under rebates.
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