It all started with Mexican Sweet Chili, I was so intrigued about this new flavor of Yogi Tea after seeing their free sample offer (still available), that I just couldn’t wait to get my free sample in the mail! And I remembered seeing a coupon (two, actually) on the box of the last Yogi Tea I purchased, so I took my coupons to Kroger where Yogi Tea was on sale, and got it for $2 a box, what perfect timing! Well, a few coupons later I now have a collection of Yogi Tea in almost every flavor they make. Ok, maybe not every flavor, since they have over 50 flavors of Yogi Tea!

I splurge on tea because it’s my wake-up call, my afternoon siesta, my zero-calorie dessert, and my remedy of choice for minor ailments. But I can’t help but feel I need to share some of my Yogi Tea collection with my readers, so I’ve filled eight envelopes with eight flavors of Yogi Teas for you to sample. Each envelope includes one tea bag of each of these flavors: Mexican Sweet Chili, Egyption Licorice, Echinacea Immune Support, Meditative Time, Lemon Ginger, Berry Anti-Oxidant, Chai Green, and Chai Redbush. Now you really can have a tea sampling for free!
This giveaway is now closed, I’ll be posting my 8 winners soon. To enter my giveaway, please post a comment here and answer this question: What is your favorite flavor of tea? If you have any problems leaving a comment, please email me and I’ll mark your spot in this giveaway. Please only enter this giveaway once. The 8 winners will be selected by a random number generator. This giveaway will close on Friday, May 9 at 9pm CST. I’ll announce the 8 winners in a new post and they will have 48 hours to contact me via email. If I don’t hear form one of the winners, then I will draw another name. Good luck and go fix yourself a cup of tea!