Apply between August 12 & August 24 to have Nestle help you with your Kid’s Birthday Party (ages 3-12 years old). Click on the blue “English” button in the top right-hand corner. Nestle is looking to help 200 people who will be hosting a Kid’s Birthday Party at their home between September 15th & September 29th. Hosts will receive a large Kid’s Birthday Party Fiesta Pack ($150 value)! Remember to complete the application honestly, because they aren’t necessarily looking for hosts who can throw the biggest parties. Each party uses different criteria to select the hosts and not everyone who applies will be selected. .

Find another Nestle Wants to Help You Celebrate” to apply for when it opens up (mark your calendar). You might also be interested in joining General Mill’s word-of-mouth program Pssst… so you can apply to host a My Get Together (qualifying surveys are emailed out to select Pssst… members).

Please leave a comment to tell us how your party went or contact me. I’d like to start sharing your “Party Success Stories” as a new feature on Freebies 4 Mom.

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