Sorry, the Swag Code offer has ended. Go to Swagbucks homepage and click on “Special Offers” (click anywhere within the red box). You’ll have to skip the offers to get to the Swag Code at the end. Copy it then enter it on the home page where it says “Enter Swag Code” just below your name with current Swagbucks tally.

If you aren’t earning free gift cards with Swagbucks, find out how to get started with 3 Swagbucks in your account (plus 1 using the code). It’s easy to use Swagbucks as your search engine and those points add up fast to redeem for free gift cards.

My favorite reward that you can redeem with your Swagbucks is the $5 gift certificate. You can redeem one after earning 45 Swagbucks. It’s the best value I’ve found in the gift cards section of the Swagstore because it costs only 9 Swagbucks per dollar. The beauty of gift cards is that you can use several in one transaction, and if you take advantage of free shipping than you really can get something for free (or pretty darn close).

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