When the Walgreens Spa Rewards was originally announced in the October EasySaver catalog, there was a limitation on how much you could save on your spa visit (up to 25% of cost of services). Thanks to Georgia, I have found out that the rules have changed (the limitation on how much you could save was removed). From what I can tell this will be a great way to get a huge discount at the spa. But, there is no way to tell how good of a deal it will be because Walgreens is not providing sufficient details. So, I am going to do this as an experiment. If after getting the certificate and trying to book my spa date I find out it is not a good deal, then I will not do it. But I have to try, this offer is too tempting!

Here’s the Walgreens Spa Rewards deal:

1. Buy 4 participating products for $100 reward (or 2 products for $50 reward) at Walgreens in one transaction before Saturday, Nov. 24. I’ll be buying Robitussin Syrup (4 oz) at $5.79 each, and using a $3 printable coupon for an out-of-pocket cost of $2.79 for each of my 4 items purchased to qualify.
2. Mail-in your cash register receipt and the form found in the November EasySaver catalog (found in a display by the front door of all stores).
3. You will receive a SpaRewards certificate in the mail (non-transferable, only you can use it because it will have your name on it) for a rebate on spa services.
4. Call the toll-free telephone number on your certificate to book your spa treatment at a participating spa near you.
5. Enjoy your spa visit before March 1, 2008.
Again, I hope that this is a good deal, but there is no way to tell until I do it!