Welcome to Pet Freebies 4 Mom! A great new offer just started this morning, so I thought it would be a good time to update my list.

The first 50,000 people to request one will receive a coupon for FREE Snausages Snawsomes peanut butter and apple dog snacks. Hope your dog enjoys this freebie treat!

You’ll also find pet savings at CoolSavings.com with pet coupons, discount codes and money saving tips!

These free samples are still available to request, new links for this list are in bold:

ASPCA Pet Safety Pack
Blue Buffalo dog food ($5 coupon)
Blue Spa Select cat food ($3 coupon)
Cesar Canine Cuisine
Febreze Pet Pal Pack
Greenies Pill Pockets Treats
HEB Pet Birthday Club (Texas only)
Hill’s Science Diet ($5 coupon)
Mighty Dog
Petmart Birthday Club (limited locations)
Snausages Snawsomes
Wholesome Goodness by Meow Mix (Walmart sample)
Yarrah Pet Food