Tons of great freebies and deals to tell you about that come straight from my readers and fellow bloggers and this list is the most efficient way for me to tell you about them.

Bare Escentuals – Free Bare Minerals Sample
Get your free sample if you have this store near you, it’s a 10-day supply sized sample with a brush.

Diaper Study – Get Diapers + $10
Sounds like a great thing to apply to participate in, details delivered by Engineer a Debt Free Life who has participated in several diaper studies herself.

SXSW Music Sampler
Download 11 songs for free from Amazon, thanks to Mommy’s Wish List for the link!

Chores Wars
Need a motivator for your kids to complete chores? Deborah emailed me about it and she said “The basic premise behind it, is that you assign your kids chores and they earn point and advance a level in rank. If you wanted to you could pay a $10 fee for the premium version, but it looks like the basic free version would be enough for most families. It may even be fun to have Chore Wars with other family member households to see which children tackle their chores the best. The site has a dungeons and dragons look to it and the design would attract most kids.”

Rebates – anything that requires a purchase!
Herbal Essences Free Haircut
Shelby Making Cents s
hares how you can take advantage of this promotion. I’m not sure how easy it is to find a participating salon near your, but if you’re already buying Herbal Essences it may be worth a try!

Frugal Gems
Do you know how much your printer costs to use?
Some great info and links from Nothern Cheapskate focused on printing costs and how to save money.

Cost of a Homemade Happy Meal
How much cheaper is it to eat at home? Can convenience foods in your home help you avoid eating out? MomAdvice has the answers that may surprise you!

A Beginner’s Guide to Scoring Cool Kids’ Stuff in the Used Market
Amazing resource for any parent, covers everything from buying from Craig’s List to garage sales. First-hand experience makes Thingamababy an expert!

Great Deals
Baby Bjorn Carrier $54.71 shipped at
If you can’t find one used, then you want to pay less than full-price! Guess what, I was just talking to an expecting mom and I recommended trying the Baby Bjorn Carrier because she said other carriers used for her first baby just didn’t work. I love this carrier, and both of my children spent a lot of time when they were babies in it. I gave mine away on Freepeats, but if you don’t have time or patience to get one for free then Baby Cheapskate brings you great deals like this to help you save money.

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