Hooray for Free-bates! Interview – I had a rare opportunity to meet with a fellow blogger in-person when Lori of Hooray for Free-bates! visited Houston last week. Read about my chat with her, what I learned about her, and how she inspired me to be smarter about requesting rebates.

My Walgreens Failure Turned Success – I shared with you how I “lost” my $40+ rebate from Walgreens when the cashier did not return to me my zero balance gift card just a few days before it was loaded. Well, thanks to all of the kind readers who left helpful comments and Lori for giving me that last push I needed – I finally called Walgreens. And guess what? I spent less than 5 minutes on the phone and the result was that a new gift card for $43.95 + 10% is on it’s way to me. Talk about great customer service!

You can call Walgreens EasySaver Catalog Customer Service Hotline at 1-888-324-3028 from 7am to 7pm Central Standard Time, 7 days a week. I encourage you to call if you ever have any problems with your rebate. I had to make that first call to understand how easy it is to get the help that I needed. And I learned from Lori that keeping a copy of your submission can be so helpful for resolving any issues with your rebate requests.