Update: As of October 1 the $5 instant credit is no longer available. But Amazon now is offering a $5 promotional certificate to use on your next Amazon purchase. Not as good as a deal – so you pay $10 and then Save $5 on your next purchase at Amazon. Here are all the subscriptions eligible for that $5 promotional certificate.

“For each eligible subscription you purchase before October 31, you’ll receive a $5 promotional certificate for use on a future Amazon.com purchase. See the full list of eligible magazines, with bonus certificates up to $15–the more you buy now, the more certificates you’ll receive later.”

Don’t miss this great deal on Amazon for Redbook magazine. I couldn’t pass it up myself since my free Redbook subscription just expired and this is one of my favorite magazines.

Redbook $10.00
$5 promotional certificate for your next purchase
2 years, 24 issues

Check out my complete list of $5 magazine subscriptions.

I love to tell you about free magazine subscriptions, so why am I sharing the $5 magazine subscriptions? Because I’m the first to admit that there are some magazines that I never see offered for free. I also recognize that most free magazine subscriptions are offered for a very short period of time (so you might miss them) or they are not for a full-year but only a few issues.

If you want to order a magazine from Amazon, please remember that Swagbucks can easily earn you a $5 Amazon.com gift card for 45 Swagbucks just by searching the web. So some of my readers really will be able to get these magazines for free still.

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