Giftventure transforms the traditional gift-giving experience into a magical treasure hunt for your child. I received a free sample of this unique gift service thanks to Mom Central and Giftventure. This service is designed for children ages 4 to 12. Because my children are too young to read the clues and solve the puzzles involved in Giftventure, my neighbor Emma, a 1st grader, was the recipient of three letters in the mail from Fay the Fairy. Emma’s experience involved solving several puzzles in order to solve the mystery of the location of her hidden gift. The hidden gift can be any gift that you choose, and there are lots of ideas on the Giftventure website (including homemade coupons for a special treat). You provide the gift, and Giftventure provides the letters and treasure map. When you order Giftventure, you are asked several questions which help personalize the letters, puzzles, and maps specifically for your child. The gift of books Emma received from her parents was so much more exciting for her to find after she worked out the puzzles to reveal the secret location. I was impressed with the high quality graphics and how the personalization was made to the letters and treasure map. I can’t wait until my boys are old enough to experience this fun gift-giving adventure. Giftventure would be something especially magical to do for your children around the holidays. If you are interested in ordering Giftventure during March, you can use the coupon code MOMCENTRAL to receive 10% off of your order. If you order before March 14 you will also receive reduced shipping.