I was shocked the last time I strolled down the diaper aisle at my local Kroger and saw the regular prices so much higher than they were a few months ago! Now it is even more important to watch those sales and Baby Cheapskate is the best resource for finding out where you can get the best deals on diapers, here is her weekly “Top Diaper & Formula Deals” roundup.

Greta emailed me this morning to share a new Huggies Rebate Offer: $5, Lullaby CD, or Exercise DVD when you buy 3 packages of Huggies. Greta said “Your site is fabulous! I have something you might want to add. I get the Huggies Network emails and the link below was on there. The next time your readers go diaper shopping they might want to cash in on this cool rebate.” Just don’t let the offer tempt you to pay too much for those diapers! And use any coupons you have in addition to doing this mail-in rebate to save a little more.
Read the diaper reviews on Baby Cheapskate, and maybe you will be willing to try the generics (I love the Kroger and CVS generic diapers – they are the same, just different packaging). And remember that normally you can get a $1 rebate on every package of Huggies you buy, I’m taking advantage of this Huggies rebate when I buy them at a deep discount, usually at CVS (you just can’t combine it with another rebate since you mail-in your original receipt).