Search & Win
I’ve just started using as my search engine and I’m quickly earning points good to redeem for gift cards! When I get to 45 points (takes me a week or two of normal searching) then I redeem those points for a $5 gift card. I don’t buy a lot of things online, but is one of my favorite online stores because of the huge selection, great prices, and free shipping on lots of items. There are other gift cards you can also get (Starbucks and Target) but the giftcard is the biggest bang for your buck from a major retailer costing you just 9 points per dollar. Now I won’t even think about buying anything at without at least one $5 gift card in-hand (you can load as many as you earn to your account).

The best part is that I’m earning those gift cards by doing normal searching, I just do it on instead. And the search results I’m getting are similar to what I would get on Google, in fact the search results are by Google and Ask. And I win often enough that I feel rewarded by searching, and am having fun watching my points add up! I’d love to refer you to sign-up and start using It’s easy to sign-up with just your email address and password. If you like it and you start referring people you can earn your points even faster.

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