Enter once for a chance to win the Sharecare.com iQ&A Sweepstakes. Prizes include 200 $25 Walgreens gift cards. There is a 10 question quiz you must answer and get all 10 correct in order to be eligible to win.

The questions may not be asked in this order but here are the questions with correct answers:

Q: President Obama recently kicked his smoking habit. According to the Cleveland Clinic, how soon after quitting the last cigarette does blood pressure drop to normal?  A: 20 minutes

Q: To keep your smile looking its best, how soon after an acidic meal should you brush your teeth?  A: 20-30 minutes

Q: A bath or shower can soothe your muscles and your senses after a workout or a tough day at the office, but do you know the right way to dry off afterwards?  A: Gently pat yourself dry

Q: Sleep is critical to your health, but do you know how many hours Dr. Michael Roizen says you need?  A: 7.4 hours for men and 7 hours for women

Q: Studies have shown that more than 50 percent of Americans do not engage in enough regular physical activity. How much does the National Academy of Sports Medicine suggest?  A: 30 minutes daily of moderate-intensity physical activity

Q: A balanced diet leads to a healthy lifestyle, but it’s not always easy to get what we need through our food. What kind of multivitamin is recommended?  A: Multivitamin with no more than 100% of the daily value for all vitamins and minerals

Q: Everyone knows how hard it is to break a bad habit, but how long does it take for a conscious behavior to become a good habit?  A: 6-8 weeks

Q: Recognizing the power of laughter, which doctor established the first laughter yoga club for his patients in 1995?  A: Dr. Madan Kataria

Q: What does Dr. Kelly Travers say we can learn to control in order to change the stress in our lives?  A: Thought Patterns

Q: Preventive care can keep you healthy and prevent life threatening problems. People who don’t have health insurance receive almost no preventive care. As a result, how many people aged 25 to 64 die every year as a result of being uninsured?  A: 18,000

This sweeps started May 23 and ends June 12 which breaks down to about 10 winners per day. You can only enter this sweepstakes once, but if you visit Sweeps 4 Mom you’ll find the best sweepstakes that you can enter daily.

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