Sorry, this photo deal has ended, but find more photo deals on Freebies 4 Mom. Did you get a survey from Wink today?  You should fill it out because you’ll get another free Wink Photostrip credit after completing the survey!  I’ve gotten 3 free Wink Photostrips so far – here’s how:

1.  I made my first free Wink Photostrip here on March 18 (still available, but see my updated instructions if you haven’t gotten yours yet)

2.  I tried the iPHone Wink Application and ordered another Wink photostrip on my iPhone (same account, I just logged in).

3.  Today I filled out a survey that Wink emailed me with the subject line “Wink needs your feedback!” and upon completion of the survey I got yet another free code for a Wink photo strip (free shipping too).

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