Do you need help playing the Stouffer’s Spin for a Win Sweepstakes to win a free music download? You can play up to 10 times daily using the free codes, no need to use any points from packages or that you can earn from taking surveys. I have to admit that I was struggling with playing this sweeps so I wrote out these instructions for myself, and thought I would share them with you.

Updated thanks to the tip from Katri

1. Visit
2. Enter your login and click “Submit”
3. Click on “Spin for a Win!”
4. Click on “Play Now”
5. Click on “Click Here for an alternate means of playing the game”
6. Highlight and copy the code, then open a new window to enter the code
7. Refresh the page to get a new code and copy and paste your 10 codes over to new window
7. Click “Play Spin for a Win” in the lower right to open up a new window
8. Click “Continue”
9. Click “Use Code”
10. Click on a placemat to spin for a win
11. Keep hitting “Play Again” and using your codes to play

You’ll get 10 different codes to let you play 10 times each day using the free codes. I’ve already heard from a few winners of the free music download!