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Swaying the Opposition $0.00

by D.M. Porters

“Lady Aeryn Dunning was not blessed with children. But the beautiful young widow finds solace freeing those of others living a life of misery on London’s streets or in its dangerous factories. To her, these tiny souls should be happy and in school, not forced to work in unbearable conditions.

Arrogant Royce Garrington is a politician whose tragic past made him cold and uncaring. The handsome lord hates wasting time on inconsequential matters and sees the Factory Act, aimed at helping women and children in textile mills, as one of these. There are, in his eyes, more pressing issues to address.

The two meet under the most unusual circumstances, and Royce is drawn to the ravishing redhead. Aeryn knows of the scoundrel and wants nothing to do with him. But when Royce threatens her father’s reputation, Aeryn is forced to agree to a most scandalous entente. Neither expected the torrent of emotions that would overwhelm them. Can she melt his granite heart? Is love enough to sway the opposition?”

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