5,000+ Winners in Quaker’s Book of Life
2,000+ Winners in Jelly Belly’s Dream Bean (create a flavor, then play instant win game)
1,000+ Winners in Quaker’s Dream Bag (click on “log in” for a quick entry)
1,000+ Winners in Pilgrim’s Pride Family Vacation

20,000+ Winners in Hanes Wedgie-Free Wednesday
2,000+ Winners in Nivea’s Bikini Challenge (tip – they send you a weekly email, click on it to enter quickly, you can only enter weekly for 4 weeks)

It’s Saturday! Time to update our daily and weekly sweepstakes list! I only list sweeps that have at least 1,000 winners because I want my readers to win something! And I don’t want to let the sweeps overtake my blogging about the free samples and coupons.

I know it takes a little extra time to enter the daily sweepstakes, but I try to make it easier for you by always keeping a link to this week’s list under “Hottest 4 Sweeps” in the right-hand column. Exactly how long does it take? I just entered my 4 daily sweeps in less than 5 minutes – that includes the time it took to load the pages, and filling out the forms by hand. I’m keeping my list at the top of this post to help make it faster for you to get to the links. How can you remember to enter each day? Here’s a few ideas:

* Schedule It – On your calendar write down “Sweeps” and check it off each day when you do it

* Daily Visit – If you visit Freebies4Mom.com daily, then the easiest way to remember to enter is to visit this post first thing when you go to my site to get your daily entries out of the way

* Routine It – Make it part of your daily routine and enter at the same time each day