Hanes (20,000+ enter each Wednesday, details here)
Dole Salad
(15,000+ details here)
Wendy’s (10,000+ details here)
Disney Movie Rewards (10,000+, 3 sweeps, details here)
Mamma Mia!
(10,000+ details here)
(10,000+ details here)
Dove Music (9,000+ details here)
(5,000+ details here)
(3,000+ details here)
(2,000+ details here)
(2,000+ details here)
(2,000+ details here) *Ends August 31*
Coinstar (1,000+ details here)
Red Robin
(1,000+ details here)
Summer of Savings
(1,000+ details here)
(1,000+ skip to instant win + coupons, details here)
Pilgrim’s Pride
(1,000+ details here)

I’ve been too busy to be playing the sweeps this week! Just played this morning, and no wins to report. But my readers are telling me they are winning all kinds of stuff. I got this email from Linda:
“Thanks for all your work in finding us such great sweepstakes to actually be winners in!!!! Here’s what I’ve won: $15.00 gift card to Target – “Spraychel”, Shutterfly photo book, 1 tube of Colgate toothpaste, Nestle Crunch Bar. Thanks again. I enjoy checking your blog daily!” -Linda

I know there are tons of sweeps out there, but I choose to highlight those that have at least 1,000+ winners and the prizes are something that I think would appeal to my readers. The great part of these sweeps is that you will find you win quite a few! Certainly you won’t win every single one, but if you play a few times a week your chances are great that you’ll win. Daily sweeps are hard to remember to enter, but when you visit my blog I hope you’ll click on the “Sweeps” button on the top menu bar and enter a few.

It’s exciting to win a sweepstakes, Lisa send me this by email:

“About June, I discovered a new world of samples, freebies and sweepstakes!!! What fun it is!!! I love this!! I won a Dole salad last week! My first sweepstakes WIN!!!! Thanks for doing what you do!” – Lisa

I hope that you are also having fun, and it’s my pleasure to bring you a little fun to brighten your day. Happy sweepin’ and please share what you are winning to encourage us to keep entering daily!