Walmart customers get to stuff their own Cottonelle Puppy to take home in this FreebiEvent on Saturday, September 6. Just enter your zipcode to find out if this cute and cuddly event is coming to a Walmart near you. I don’t see a time for the event posted, but I’m guessing that the puppies will be flying out of there, so try visiting in the morning. It also would be a good idea to call your Walmart to confirm they are having the event and find out what time it starts.

Did you already request your Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Wipes sample? Don’t forget to print your Cottonelle coupons! You can print coupons to Save 50 cents on Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes, Aloe & E toilet paper, and Ultra toilet paper. Create a pledge for a $1.00 coupon (you have to pick one product for this special coupon).

I’d love to hear from my readers that participate in this FreebiEvent and hear about your new stuffed puppy! Need a reminder tomorrow? Well, just visit my blog at any time and you’ll see a friendly reminder posted just above the post at the top of my blog. Click on the link to find your way back to here, then you can enter your zipcode to check the time and location of your nearest puppy-stuffing event.