Michael’s has had a Kids Club for awhile, but my observant reader Katie just told me that it is finally available to sign-up for online and it is for all parents and their kids. Sign-up for Michael’s The Knack and receive a 40% coupon off any regular priced item (I think they mail it to you) and something special for your birthday (I don’t know what yet). It looks like a great online resource for crafts for your kids to do.

Update 5/23/08: I got a coupon for Michaels by email – 25% off your entire regular priced purchase and it is valid through May 31. Tip – you have to log-in to The Knack before you can view and print your coupon. I’m not sure if I’ll still be getting that 40% off coupon – or if this is the coupon I got instead. I’ll let you know what else I get!

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